Friday, 31 December 2010


I know I'm slow. I like to think of it as thinking-time but I appreciate that friends and family expect me to churn out paintings on a more frequent basis than I actually do. I know it may sound daft, but I can't seem to finish a piece until I know what I'm doing with the next piece. I can't expect anyone to understand the logic of that but unfortunately it is true... no matter how insane it sounds.

My latest creation, Chameleon, is a reworking of an earlier piece but with a major splash of colour applied. It is already my favourite piece so far, but then again, isn't your latest creation always your favourite piece?

As I haven't decided on what I'm doing next, Chameleon is currently unsigned. The signature only goes on when I feel I have completed the painting and I can't "complete" until my next idea has properly formed in my mind.

There. I've said it. I like to think of this little piece of insanity as a pre-requisite for artistic flare :-)

Anyway, here's to a more productive 2011. Happy New Year everybody.

Friday, 17 September 2010

Day 1 - Website Up And Running

It's one thing to spend all your time painting, but if you are serious about selling art, you need to showcase it somehow.

I'm not very good at showcasing. I'm not shameless enough for the self-promotion required to sell my own art. And I can't help feeling that I've been pushed into having a website created. With a blog! And Twitter! Whatever that is.

I'm assured, however, that all will be well. People will like what I have painted and everyone will be kind.

I do hope that is true. I do hope you like my new website. And I do hope the paintings interest you enough to maybe even make an enquiry about their availability. Heaven forbid that I should hope that you would actually buy one though!