Friday, 31 December 2010


I know I'm slow. I like to think of it as thinking-time but I appreciate that friends and family expect me to churn out paintings on a more frequent basis than I actually do. I know it may sound daft, but I can't seem to finish a piece until I know what I'm doing with the next piece. I can't expect anyone to understand the logic of that but unfortunately it is true... no matter how insane it sounds.

My latest creation, Chameleon, is a reworking of an earlier piece but with a major splash of colour applied. It is already my favourite piece so far, but then again, isn't your latest creation always your favourite piece?

As I haven't decided on what I'm doing next, Chameleon is currently unsigned. The signature only goes on when I feel I have completed the painting and I can't "complete" until my next idea has properly formed in my mind.

There. I've said it. I like to think of this little piece of insanity as a pre-requisite for artistic flare :-)

Anyway, here's to a more productive 2011. Happy New Year everybody.